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Will I need to bring my own polo equipment?
Where possible we suggest guests bring their own polo attire such as polo riding hat, knee pads, gloves and riding boots.
Polo mallets and other horse tack are of course available at the club so there is no need to bring these with you from overseas.
Normal riding gear is sufficient during lessons and practice.
For those who do not have their own polo boots, we make frequent trips to a local supplier who makes stunning custom-made boots.
La Tarde Polo whites, playing shirts, gloves and other equipment are available to purchase during your stay

Am I too old to start?

Age is no barrier at La Tarde Polo Club, however of course like with any sport the earlier you start the better you will become. We have guests from any age, children riding as young as 5 and members who started in their 50's and we firmly believe everyone can have the same enjoyment of this sport, no matter their experience, ability or age.

When is the best time of year to come to La Tarde Club?

La Tarde Polo Club is open to guests from October till the end of April, the spring and summer months of Argentina. Many of guests like to come during November and Decemember when the major polo tournaments are played in Argentina including the unmissable Palermo Open, however the weather begins to cool down in Febuary/march and April making it a very pleasant time of year to visit.

What should I pack?

Whilst the weather in Argentina is much hotter than the summer months in Europe, the weather can of course like in all countries be tempermental. We suggest bringing a waterproof jacket, long sleeve tops and trousers, layers for the cooler evenings, mosquito repellent for the summer months and lots of light clothing and swimwear for when you are relaxing.
Tradtional Argentine clothing such as Bombachas, Alparagatas and polo equipment are available to purchase at the local town.

General Advice:

Assure you have sufficient cash in Dollars, Travelers checks, Euros or Sterling Pounds that are simple to change into the local currency (pesos) at the airport. 

Most transactions in Argentina are made in cash rather than credit or debit card. It is also advised to have cash on you at all times, and if possible notes smaller than $100, in particular for taxi journeys.

Debit and credit cards can be used in Argentina and there are a large number of cashier machines in the city, however these can be unreliable at times and there is a limit of how much money you can take out a day, so always plan ahead. 

Most stores and restaurants will only accept Argentine pesos ($). Do not confuse the currency symbol with that of the US Dollar. All prices are in Argentine pesos.

To see the change of currency


Beginners Guide to Polo

Like many sports there is a goal on each end of the Polo field and the aim is to score as many goals with your team as possible. After each goal is scored the goal ends are changed ends.

A polo match is divided into chukkas, either 4, 6 or 8 chukkas depending on the match, players and horses available. A chukka is 7 minutes long and the interval between each chukka is 3 minutes.

In a match you have either 3 or 4 players in a team, and 1 or 2 umpires. A fit horse should never play 2 chukkas in sequence and at top level never play more than 2 chukkas on the same day.

There are a number of rules in polo, the main being "the line of the running ball" which means that the person closest to the line of the ball has the right of way and you are not allowed to cross that line from the person who is the closest angle to the line. 

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